The Michael J. Hogan Foreign Language Fellowship

The Michael J. Hogan Foreign Language Fellowship was established to honor Michael J. Hogan, long-time editor of Diplomatic History. The Hogan Fellowship of up to $4,000 is intended to promote research in foreign language sources by graduate students. The fellowship is intended to defray the costs of studying foreign languages needed for research, or for the travel costs associated with research in foreign language archives.  These funds can be used for online language learning programs.  The award is announced formally during the SHAFR conference. Applicants must be graduate students researching some aspect of U.S. foreign relations history.  Membership in SHAFR is required.

Procedures: Self-nominations are expected. The annual deadline for applications is October 15. To apply, please read through the Instructions Sheet and then use the online application, which appears when applications are being accepted.  Questions can be sent by electronic mail to [email protected].


Within eight months of receiving the award, each successful applicant must file with the SHAFR Business Office a brief report on how the funds were spent. Such reports will be considered for publication in Passport.

Recent Winners:

  • 2024 Eleanor Eriko Tsuchiya Lenoe
  • 2023 Alina Bykova
  • 2022 Nora Lessersohn
  • 2021 Clare Richardson 
  • 2020 Andisheh Ghaderi
  • 2019 Samantha Clarke
  • 2018 Kate Tietzen
  • 2017 Michael A. Hill
  • 2016 Zoe LeBlanc
  • 2015 Suraya Khan, George Roberts
  • 2014 Patrick Chung
  • 2013 Simon Tone
  • 2012 Helen Pho
  • 2011 Erica Smith
  • 2010 Victor Nemchenok
  • 2009 Nicholas Molnar
  • 2008 Barin Kayaoglu
  • 2007 Sara Berndt
  • 2006 Ryan Irwin
  • 2005 Heather Dichter
  • 2004 Maraget Peacock
  • 2003 Mark Hove