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In its mission to promote the study, advancement, and dissemination of knowledge about U.S. foreign policy, SHAFR is committed to engaging national and international educators in conversation about the value of teaching and learning the history of American foreign relations. SHAFR’s teaching mission includes making available to university/college faculty and K-12 history and social science teachers a repertoire of teaching tools including an online library of syllabi, lesson plans, grant and professional development opportunities, and other web resources related to the study of U.S. foreign relations.

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The key to educational excellence lies not in the memorization of vast amounts of information, but rather in fostering habits of mind that enable students to continue their learning, engage new questions, and reach informed judgments.

— Association of American Colleges and Universities, College Learning for the New Global Century

SHAFR celebrates the excellent scholarship of our organization's members, and the teacher-scholar in all of us.

Here you will find various resources to help inform and inspire our collective efforts to innovate course content, discover new pedagogical approaches, and employ 21st century tools and technology in our teaching of the history of American foreign relations.

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SHAFR's teaching mission includes making available to secondary school teachers of history and social science a repertoire of teaching tools, including lesson plans, classroom documents, and links to a variety of online resources related to the study of U.S. foreign relations.

If you would like to recommend additional secondary education resources, and/or if you note any problems with the respective links below, please feel free to contact Lori Clune, Director of Secondary Education on the SHAFR Teaching Committee.

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