In its mission to promote the study, advancement, and dissemination of knowledge about U.S. foreign policy, SHAFR is committed to engaging national and international educators in conversation about the value of teaching and learning the history of American foreign relations. SHAFR’s teaching mission includes making available to university/college faculty and K-12 history and social science teachers a repertoire of teaching tools including an online library of syllabi, lesson plans, grant and professional development opportunities, and other web resources related to the study of U.S. foreign relations.


According to the Association of American Colleges and Universities, employers are seeking students who are globally aware and engaged:

“Employers do not want, and have not advocated for, students prepared for narrow workforce specialties…Virtually all occupational endeavors require a working appreciation of the historical, cultural, ethical, and global environments that surround the application of skilled work.”

—Roberts T. Jones, president, Education Workforce Policy, LLC

"At IBM our vision is that both individuals and institutions are on a journey of increasing capabilities. The key is to find college graduates who are interdisciplinary, team-oriented, real-world problem-solvers, and who are also informed global citizens."

—Jim Spohrer, Director, IBM University Programs World-Wide

“Anyone can be taught to run numbers. But what you can’t do on the job is teach someone how to think about the world, to have intellectual curiosity….We want people who have a global perspective, who have an interest in the world around them, people who have depth and breadth and aren’t constrained by their education…people who speak and think intelligently.” —Kenan Arkan, Investment Manager, Goldman Sachs

2017 Teaching Committee

Lori Clune, ex officio (Director of Secondary Education) California State University, Fresno
Greg Domber, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, 2017
Brian Etheridge, Georgia Gwinnett College, 2017
Andrew Johns, ex officio (Passport editor), Brigham Young University
Hajimu Masuda, National University of Singapore, 2017
Kelly McFarland, Georgetown University, 2018
Kelly Shannon, Florida Atlantic University, 2019
Matthew Shannon, Emory & Henry College, 2018
Jim Siekmeier, West Virginia, 2019
Kimber Quinney (Chair), California State University, San Marcos, 2017
Doug Rossinow, University of Oslo, 2017
Carl Watts, Baker College, 2019
Molly Wood, Wittenberg University, 2017
Kariann Yokata, University of Colorado, Denver 2019
Silke Victoria Zoller (graduate student), Temple University, 2019