Course Syllabi and Assignments

This collection of syllabi comes from instructors who teach courses related to international and U.S. foreign relations history. The SHAFR Teaching Committee hopes that this collection of syllabi will be a source of ideas about course design and organization and the selection of readings.

The syllabi are divided into two main groups--those for undergraduate courses and those for graduate courses. Within those two main divisions, the syllabi are organized in chronological and thematic groups.

The syllabi are searchable by keyword.

The SHAFR Teaching Committee is eager to add to this collection and encourages you to submit syllabi and student assignments from your courses. Please include information that will provide some context for your course, including the level of instruction (undergraduate or graduate), the number of students in the course, and the frequency and duration of class meetings. Send submissions in .pdf, .docx, or .doc format to [email protected].

Course Design and Syllabus Design: A Presentation by the SHAFR Teaching Committee at the 2019 Annual Meeting, Arlington, VA.