Sherman Grinberg Film Library

The Sherman Grinberg Film Library is the home of the Paramount and American Pathe newsreels.  To view there are two options (from the Manager of Media Archives & Licensing):

One method is to browse the footage available on-line (approximately 30% of holdings). If you visit and put your search terms into our browser window (quotation marks helps), you can see footage we already digitized.

Or have us create a Finding Aid based on keywords. If members send me keywords, I would send them a custom Finding Aid and have it reviewed for stories of interest.

Upon finding out which stories are of interest, I would have our Vault Team search for the footage, and if available, we will digitize the footage and send digital screeners for no cost.

The only thing we ask is if anyone wants to use the footage and requires a license, that they contact us directly.

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