Passport- January 2020

The January 2020 issue of Passport: The Society for Historians of Foreign Relations Review
In This Issue: 

4 Contributors

6 Presidential Message
Kristin Hoganson

8 A Roundtable on Daniel Immerwahr, How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Greater United States
Carol Chin, Thomas Bender, Emily Conroy-Krutz, David Milne, Odd Arne Westad, and Daniel Immerwahr

17 A Roundtable on Rósa Magnúsdóttir, Enemy Number One: The United States of America in Soviet Ideology and Propaganda, 1945-1959
David Snyder, Denise J. Youngblood, Simon Miles, Kristy Ironside, Autumn Lass, and Rósa Magnúsdóttir

29 A Note on Charles Austin Beard’s Search for the National Interest
Justin Hart

35 Just Say Yes (to Manuscript Reviewing)
Susan Ferber

38 2019 SHAFR/ISD Public Engagement Workshop Report
Alistair Somerville

41 SHAFR Spotlights

47 Book Reviews
Henry Richard Maar III on Ralph L. Dietl, The Strategic Defense Initiative: Ronald Reagan, NATO Europe, and the Nuclear and Space Talks, 1981-1988 (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2018)

49 2018 Historical Advisory Committee Report

52 Diplomatic Pouch

54 Dispatches

55 In Memoriam: Waldo Heinrichs

57 In Memoriam: Jean-Donald Miller

58 The Last Word: Academia’s Greatest Gift to Me
Kyle Longley

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