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The members of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) can provide historical commentary on a wide range of current public issues. SHAFR is the leading professional organization for historians of international affairs, and its diverse membership is prepared to provide perspectives that can enrich contemporary discussion of U.S. engagement with the world and its political, cultural, social, and economic effects.

At the top of the directory is a rotating group of featured experts. Below them is an alphabetical listing of SHAFR experts with their areas of expertise, short biographies, and/or contact information.

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Terry H. Anderson

Expert on: 1960s, Afghanistan, Iraq, U.S. Foreign Relations in 20th Century, Vietnam War

Ekavi Athanassopoulou

Expert on: History of Turkey's foreign relations, History of U.S. relations with Greece, History of U.S. relations with Turkey, International relations

David C. Atkinson

Expert on: Migration and American foreign relations, Migration and empire, Migration and International history, Race, The British colonies of settlement

Laura A. Belmonte

Expert on: American politics, Cultural diplomacy, Modern U.S. history, Propaganda

Daniel Bessner

Expert on: Democracy, Intellectual history, Psychological warfare, Relationship between domestic and foreign policy, Transatlantic relations

Tim Borstelmann

Expert on: 1970s, Modern world history, U.S. Foreign Relations, U.S. history since 1900

Mark Philip Bradley

Expert on: Cold War, Global South, Human rights, Postcolonial, Southeast Asia

Robert K. Brigham

Expert on: Cold War, U.S. Foreign Policy, Vietnam War

Kate Burlingham

Expert on: Africa, Angola, Development, Religion, U.S. Foreign Relations

Michael Cairo

Expert on: Middle East, U.S. Foreign Policy

Kenton Clymer

Expert on: Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, Southeast Asia

Elizabeth Cobbs

Expert on: Cold War, Historical Overview of U.S. Foreign Relations, Latin America, Peace Corps, World War One

Emily L. Conroy-Krutz

Expert on: 19th Century, Early American Republic, Empire, Missionaries, Religion

Christopher Roy William Dietrich

Expert on: Cold War, Decolonization, Middle East, National security, Oil history and politics

Mara Drogan

Expert on: Cold War political culture, Eisenhower Administration, Nuclear technology, Propaganda

Mary L. Dudziak

Expert on: Cultural ideas about war and wartime, History of declaring war, Individual rights and the U.S. global image, Presidential war power

David C. Engerman

Expert on: American Ideas of Russia/USSR, American-Russian Relations, Development, Global Cold War

Thomas I. Faith

Expert on: Arms control, Chemical weapons, History of the Federal Government, United States History, World War I

Sean Fear

Expert on: Global Cold War, Southeast Asia, U.S. Foreign Policy, Vietnam War

Hal Marc Friedman

Expert on: American Foreign Relations History, American Frontier History, American Military History, American Naval History, National security