January 2001

Saturday, January 13, 2001 - 7:30am
Council Meeting

Regis Room, Marriott on Copley Square

Bob Schulzinger, presiding Those present included Robert McMahon, Bob Schulzinger, Allan Spetter, Kenneth Osgood, Mark Stoler, Anna Nelson, Thomas Schoonover, Malcolm Crystal, Robert Beisner, Bill Stueck, Richard Immerman, Deborah Kisatsky, and William Brinker.

  1. Allan Spetter, reporting for Ted Wilson, announced the Bernath Dissertation Committee winners - Hiroshi Kitamora, Clea Bunch (Arkansas), and Brian Etheridge.
  2. William Brinker stated that recommended changes in the SHAFR Newsletter are being initiated, but slowly.
  3. Bob Beisner, editor of the SHAFR guide, announced the title for the new project will be American Foreign Relations since 1600: A Guide to the Literature. The current target for publication is 2002.
  4. Regarding the ongoing issue of Life Memberships and Dues, the following motion was made: To restore the category of life membership at $500.00, payable over two years. To raise societal dues from $30.00 in two installments to $40.00. When the dues is established at $40.00 students dues will be set at $20.00. There should be a regular review of the dues structure every four years. The motion passed.
  5. Malcolm Crystal of Blackwell Publishers made a statement of appreciation for Michael Hogan's great contributions as editor of Diplomatic History. Crystal noted that the Research Roster is on-line. Blackwell will prepare its annual report in the next three months providing information regarding membership, recruitment, advertisement etc. He reminded the members that Blackwell's contract with SHAFR is in the first year of an eight year term.
  6. Discussion of the 2001 conference included comments by Richard Immerman, Program Chair, and Anna Nelson, Local Arrangements Chair. The meeting will be held June 14-16. The deadline for submissions was December 15. Following the precedent of the Toronto meeting, a constantly updated website will include the program and other conference details. The American University meeting organizers stated that there will be frequent shuttle service via the redline from the closest Metro stop to the conference site. Various hotels and motels were mentioned for potential attendees, these included the Days Inn on Connecticut Ave., the Holiday Inn Georgetown on Wisconsin Ave. near Calvert, plus dormitory rooms on campus. Parking on campus will be free of charge.
  7. The 2002 conference will be held at the University of Georgia at Athens. Sam Walker is Program Chair, Bill Stueck is Local Arrangements Chair. Stueck discussed early plans. There will be a theme along the lines of The U.S. and/or the South and Globalization.
  8. The 2003 meeting will be at George Washington University in DC.
  9. Schulzinger speaking for George Herring, the chair of the editor of Diplomatic History search, noted that the new editor's term will begin January, 2002. The committee will review various candidates and select a new editor within the next two months.
  10. SHAFR election results were announced. Bob McMahon is the incoming President. Bob Beisner is the new Vice President. Keith Nelson, Frank Ninkovich, Ken Osgood, and Deborah Kisatsky were elected to Council. Eileen Scully was elected to the Nominating Committee.