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American Foreign Relations Since 1600: A Guide to the Literature 

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Compiled by Robert L. Beisner of American University and thirty-two contributing editors, the Guide contains over 16,000 annotated entries, arranged in 32 chapters in two volumes. The Guide serves as an indispensable work for scholars and students interested in any aspect of foreign relations history. The Guide was named an OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC TITLE by Choice.

In 2014, the SHAFR Council appointed Alan McPherson of Oklahoma State University as Guide editor. Professor McPherson will oversee the production of a revised edition of the Guide that will be published online and in paper form. 

In anticipation of the appearance of that revised work, SHAFR is now selling its remaining inventory of the original hardback, two-volume sets published in 2002.  

These two-volume sets are now available to members, non-members, students, and libraries at the deeply discounted price of $20.00 plus shipping and handling. The Guide initially sold at $225 to libraries and $95 to members of SHAFR.