SHAFR January Newsletter

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 - 7:00pm

SHAFR January News Update

Improved and Expanded SHAFR Communications

SHAFR President Mary L. Dudziak will be focusing during her term on improving communication with members.  Look for informative monthly emails, updates to the webpage (including a SHAFR experts page--see more below), and more traffic on the SHAFR Twitter and Facebook accounts--all of which will provide timely reminders about deadlines, keep you up-to-date on SHAFR issues, and show you new ways to be involved in our work. 

SHAFR Experts Directory
Coming soon!

Would you like to be a media contact for key issues in U.S. foreign policy and/or international history?  Fill in your information here.

NEWS from the AHA
  • Professor Brooke Blower's Stuart L. Bernath Memorial Lecture spanned centuries and continents and challenged the large group gathered to hear her address to think anew about the connections between U.S. history at home and abroad.  Those who missed it live will have to wait to read it in Diplomatic History.
  • SHAFR announced the winners of more than a dozen of its fellowships and prizes.  Photos of some of the recipients are below, and a full list is available in the news section of the website.
  • Lots of SHAFRites presented papers and gave talks at the AHA, including 4 panels co-sponsored by SHAFR.  To show our support for the 3 of those that happened on Sunday, President Mary L. Dudziak launched the campaign #SHAFRSunday and dozens of people heard great panels and received SHAFR swag on the last day of the conference.
Sam Vong receiving a William A. Williams Junior Faculty Research Grant
Joy Schulz presenting the Michael J. Hogan Foreign Lang. Fellowship to Michael A. Hill
Amanda Demmer receiving the Myrna F. Bernath Fellowship from committee chair Ann Heiss
2017 marks SHAFR's
50th anniversary. 
Stay tuned for news about celebrations and commemorations.

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