OAH-AHRAC China Residencies Program

Monday, September 11, 2017 - 8:15pm
Organization of American Historians

The China Residencies Program

Deadline: Applications must be received by midnight PST on October 16, 2017

Thanks to a generous grant from the Ford Foundation, the Organization of American Historians and the American History Research Association of China (AHRAC) are pleased to announce the fifth year of the exchange program between the two organizations. This program allows three U.S. historians to each teach a one-week seminar in residence at a Chinese university and three Chinese historians of the United States to attend the OAH Annual Meeting and spend a week in residence at a U.S. university.

The OAH International Committee and AHRAC will select three U.S. scholars from among the OAH applicants to lead the seminars in China. Each seminar will be located at a different university, with participants drawn from that university and throughout China. Most seminar participants will be graduate students or junior faculty members, but U.S. scholars also will have the opportunity to discuss their work with faculty members at the sponsoring institution. The OAH International Committee can offer practical advice about teaching and traveling in China to those selected and put them in contact with previous seminar leaders.

Expenses for airfare, lodging, and meals will be paid or reimbursed, and seminar leaders will receive an honorarium. Recipients are encouraged to travel in China before or after the seminar at their own expense.

Details on the application process are posted following the individual seminar listings below. All materials are due by midnight PST on Monday, October 16, 2017. Applicants must be members of the OAH.

Please contact Andrew Sandoval-Strausz ([email protected]) or Beth Bailey ([email protected]) with any questions about the program or application process.

Wuhan University

Scholar of U.S. Racial Politics/Race and Politics

Seminar to be scheduled during final ten days of June, 2018

Wuhan University has a long tradition of American history research. As early as 1964, the university established one of China’s first research institutions in American history, the American History Research Center. Since then, it has maintained its importance in the field. The College of History at Wuhan University has six scholars of U.S. history, including three professors, two associate professors, and one lecturer. Currently more than twenty MA candidates and ten doctoral candidates are completing degrees in American history.

Scholars in this department have done research on the U.S. civil rights movement and the issue of race in U.S. history and emphasize the significance of race throughout American political history. Seminar hosts want an American scholar to introduce the latest research on the topic to Chinese students and scholars in order to foster Chinese scholarly research on American racial politics.

Wuhan University is located in the city of Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province in central China. The city, with a population of over ten million people, is a major transportation hub and is one of China’s most international and developed cities. Wuhan University, as one of China’s leading universities, holds various international conferences every year and has extensive experience in working with foreign scholars.

Sichuan University

Scholar of the Social Response to American Industrialization

Seminar to be scheduled during final ten days of June, 2018

The American History Research and Education Program was launched at Sichuan University in the early 1980s and has been led by several eminent scholars during its history. Sichuan University is one of the top institutions for history studies in China. The American history program currently has three faculty members, one of whom was awarded the PhD by the University of Minnesota, along with nine MA students and nine PhD students in American history.

Scholars in this department share an interest in the history of capitalism and the broad impact of industrialization on American society from the 19th century through the end of World War II. They identified a range of major themes that might be covered in the seminar, including labor and populist movements, racial and gender issues, and immigration and nativist responses, as well as government reforms on the federal, state, and municipal levels.

Sichuan University is located in the city of Chengdu, the capital of southwest China’s Sichuan Province. Chengdu has been called “The Heavenly Kingdom” in China since ancient times, and there are many tourist sites located in and around the city. There are direct flights from several U.S. cities. April through June are the best months for visiting the city, which has an urban population of around 10 million people.

Zhejiang University

Scholar of American Cultural Diplomacy

Seminar to be scheduled during May or June, 2018

Zhejiang University’s Institute of World History is one of the oldest historical institutes in China. Its American Studies research team is widely recognized for work on American foreign policy and international relations, cultural diplomacy, and Cold War strategy, and its members have published in major U.S., Chinese, and British professional journals. This research team has hosted a series of international conferences and frequently invites distinguished scholars from the United States and Asia to campus. The American Studies faculty consists of three professors, two associate professors, and one postdoctoral research fellow. There are six MA students and ten PhD students currently working in American history/American studies.

Scholars on this research team share an interest in the history of American foreign relations, most particularly in the use of “soft power” and the role of NGOs. They seek an accomplished scholar who can discuss recently published scholarship and introduce participants to new research frontiers, methods, and trends. They hope that this seminar will begin a long-term academic relationship between scholars in this institute and the visiting scholar and his or her colleagues.

Zhejiang University is in the city of Hangzhou, which is the capital and most populous city of eastern China’s Zhejiang Province. Hangzhou, which is sometimes described as “paradise on earth,” not only boasts natural and cultural attractions, but historical significance for scholars of U.S. foreign relations: the first joint communiqué between China and the United States, the Shanghai Communiqué, was drafted in Hangzhou, and in 2016 it hosted the G-20 Summit. Hangzhou is an open and outward-looking city, experienced in hosting foreign guests.

How to Apply

Applicants must be members of the OAH, have a PhD, and be scholars of American history. Applicants from previous competitions are welcome to apply again. Award winners are expected to attend the 2018 OAH Annual Meeting in Sacramento, California, so that they can meet with visiting Chinese scholars and graduate students, U.S. scholars who have previously taught seminars in this program, and members of the OAH International Committee’s China Exchange subcommittee. Please note that the dates of the residencies are not negotiable.

Applications must include the items below.

Please send all materials (in one PDF, with your name and the residency for which you are applying in the subject line) by midnight PST on Monday, October 16, 2017, to: [email protected].

A brief (3-5 page) curriculum vitae that focuses on scholarly accomplishments/ publications and teaching experience;

A brief (1-2 page) statement describing your interest in this program and your scholarly qualifications for leading the seminar; be sure to indicate which residency you are applying for;

A brief (1-2 page) statement or brief syllabus outlining the structure and key questions or themes of the proposed seminar;

Names and contact information for two references who can discuss your teaching and scholarship.

Deadline: Applications must be received by midnight PST on October 16, 2017

List of Past Recipients

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