DH November issue: covering Hawai'i, Iraq, Japan, Vietnam, the CIA, Korea, and more...

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Now available online to SHAFR members (and heading to mailboxes around the world), the articles in the November issue of Diplomatic History cover a broad range of topics chronologically (ranging from the early 19th century to the late 20th century), thematically, and geographically. Opening this issue, Joy Schulz uses "the confines of household economics" to examine how American Protestant missionaries from 1820-1848 moved "from devotion to the Hawaiian monarchy to support for U.S.

KrasnoUNC Video Lecture Series on YouTube- now with summaries

Klaus W. Larres

The KrasnoUNC YouTube channel features full video lectures and useful 5 minute insights by distinguished scholars and policymakers on issuesranging from human rights in the Cold War, to Truman and the creation of Israel, to oil and geopolitics, and much more. Featured scholars include Sarah Snyder, George Herring, Svetlana Savranskaya, and Robert McMahon.

Diplomatic History- Legacies of WWI Commemorative Issue

Diplomatic History

The September 2014 issue of Diplomatic History commemorates the centennary of World War I and assesses its many legacies.  As David Ekbladh writes in his introductory note, this issue "is an attempt to demonstrate the reach of the conflict both in history and on it" and it draws upon the United States in the world as its "conceptual hub."  Religion, Wilsonianism, international law, memory, and geopolitics are only some of the many approaches used by the authors in thi


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