January 2000

Chicago Marriott, Salon H

Robert Schulzinger, presiding Council members attending: Marilyn Young, Randall Woods, and Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman Others: James I. Matray, David L. Anderson, Sarah Jane Corke, Michael Hogan, Thomas Schoonover, Geoff Smith, Anna Nelson, William Brinker, Amy Staples, Chester Pach, Robert Beisner, David Patterson, Susan Brewer, Allan Spetter, and Malcolm Crystal.

June 1999


Princeton Univeristy, Robertson Hall, Woodrow Wilson Center

Those attending: Walter LaFeber, Allan Spetter, Doug Little, Geoff Smith, DavidPatterson, Mary Giunta, William Walker, Randall Jones, Steven Schwartzberg, Robert Schulzinger, Eileen Scully, PeterHahn, Richard Wiggers, Andrew Johnston, David Anderson, Marilyn Young, Chester Pach, Priscilla Roberts, TomSchoonover, Martin Sherwin, Arnold Offner, Malcolm Crystal, and William Brinker.

January 1999

7:30 am

Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC

Arnold Offner, presiding Those present: Arnold Offner, Frank Costigliola, David Patterson, Ralph Levering, Steven Schwartzberg, Chester Pach, H.W. Brands, Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman, Frederick Marks, Tom Schoonover, WalterLaFeber, Allan Spetter, David Anderson, Geoff Smith, Michael Hogan, Malcolm Crystal, Anne Jones, and William Brinker.

January 2014

SHAFR Council Meetings Minutes Friday, January 3, 2014 Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, DC

Members present: Robert Brigham, Carol Chin, Christopher Dietrich, Penny Von Eschen, Rebecca Herman, Fredrik Logevall (presiding), Alan McPherson, Sarah Snyder, Thomas Zeiler

Others present: David Hadley, Peter Hahn, Andrew Johns, Kelly Shannon

Business Items

(1) Welcome, introductions, and announcements


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