September 2014

Jeremi Suri on ISIS and on Why College Students Should Think About Foreign Relations

Jeremi Suri

In the second of his weekly column series for the Daily Texan, Jeremi Suri, professor in the LBJ School of Public Affairs and the University of Texas at Austin department of history, writes about how the US should respond to ISIS/ISIL.

Previously, in his inagural column, forget about the world beyond our borders," Suri argued that "ambitious undergraduates" should "Study hard and have fun on campus, but make some time to think about foreign policy,"

Diplomatic History- Legacies of WWI Commemorative Issue

Diplomatic History

The September 2014 issue of Diplomatic History commemorates the centennary of World War I and assesses its many legacies.  As David Ekbladh writes in his introductory note, this issue "is an attempt to demonstrate the reach of the conflict both in history and on it" and it draws upon the United States in the world as its "conceptual hub."  Religion, Wilsonianism, international law, memory, and geopolitics are only some of the many approaches used by the authors in thi