June 2014

Barrett to Acheson on Public Relations and NSC-68, 1950

In January 1950, President Harry Truman requested a comprehensive review of U.S. national security policies for later consideration by the National Security Council. Responding to the president’s charge, the State Department Policy Planning Staff, led by Paul Nitze, completed National Security Memorandum 68 (NSC-68) in April 1950. Identifying the Soviet Union as the primary threat to the United States, NSC-68 depicted Soviet leaders as fanatical totalitarians bent on world domination. Concluding that the U.S.

War of 1812

War of 1812

Essential Questions:

Was the War of 1812 a “Second American Revolution”?


Was the War of 1812 a war of choice or a war of necessity?

Common Core Standards: RH9, WHST1