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Syllabi & Assignments Initiative

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS: Expanded Syallbi & Assignments Initiative

The SHAFR Teaching Committee is updating and expanding its online collection of syllabi to include assignments. At present, there are nearly 50 syllabi in the collection. With the addition of assignments, and the updating of some syllabi, the collection will be an even stronger resource for faculty, providing a place to share the intellectual structure of our courses and our reading lists, plus ideas for skills instruction and classroom management techniques.

All contributions are welcome, from instructions for brief in-class exercises to major research projects. We are also continuing to accept syllabi for the collection, though you can submit an assignment without sending your whole syllabus. Please include information that will help readers understand the institutional context of the course and/or the assignment, including the number of students enrolled, the level (intermediate undergraduate, graduate, etc.), and the frequency and duration of class meetings.

Please send submissions as .docx, .doc, or .pdf, to Nicole Phelps at nphelps@uvm.edu.

The updated Syllabi & Assignments Initiative will be online soon. SHAFR’s original collection of syllabi are posted below.

Syllabi updated 3 September 2013

Undergraduate Courses

Colonial Period to the Present
Independence and 19th Century
20th Century
Cold War
Third World
Other Thematic Courses

Graduate Courses: Reading Seminars

20th Century
Research Seminars

2008 SHAFR Summer Institute at Ohio State University

Note: The following three syllabi were prepared by participants of the
2008 SHAFR Summer Institute at Ohio State University. By design, they are concise
outlines of content and readings only and they are intended to provide basic
frameworks for adoption at colleges and universities.

  • “U.S.-Iraq” (Jeffry Engel, Qiang Zhai, Thomas Zoumaras, Matt Jacobs)
  • “U.S.-Iraq” (Tom Gaskin, Fabian Hilfrich, Michaela Hoenicke Moore, Sandra
  • “U.S.-Iraq” (Sayuri Shimizu, Molly Wood, Chris Jespersen, Andrew Johns)