Dedicated Follower of Fascism . . . er, Fashion

Many soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] get customized T-Shirts made for their units, not an unusual military custom.  Some of the slogans and images, however, are incredibly revealing about Israel’s attitudes toward Palestinians and their ongoing slaughter of Arabs, abetted by U.S. money and munitions, and facilitated by outcries of anger, but little […]

War is Still a Racket–the U.S. and Israel

“Anti-Americanism is resurging in the Arab world,” the secretary of state reported  to U.S. embassies throughout the Middle East.  “Recent bombings . . . vitriolic public statements by . . . high officials . . . diatribes and fantastic rumors,” he explained, “all testify to the reenkindling of Arab animosity against the United States.”  Whether […]