What would happen if Kim Jong-il tested a Nuke and the United States Didn’t Notice?

Okay, President Kim, so you’re really ticked off at my failure to comment on your prior shinanigans on the SHAFR blog. You win. I’m finally going to advise the Obama administration on how to respond to your recent, alleged, test of a nuke, and in public on the SHAFR blog. Darth Cheney to the contrary […]

Feint Fear: What if neither Israel nor America is Iran’s target?

The CIA, offering the most optimistic estimate of Iranian acquisition of nuclear weaponry, forecasts that event within a decade.  Other estimates see the storm breaking much sooner.  Whatever the true pace of that progress, certainly President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric on the subject is as consistent as it is unsettling:  belligerently proclaiming progress toward nuclear arms, […]