Is Germany at War?

Over the past year, the Bundeswehr has emerged as a significant fighting force in Afghanistan. Yet German public opinion is reflexively anti-militarist and extremely uncomfortable about the use of force in conflicts outside Europe. Chancellor Merkel should speak candidly about Germany’s world role.

Lessons in Arms Sales & Foreign Policy

Coincident with the inauguration of President Barack Obama, China issued a White Paper outlining its national defense strategy on Tuesday.  In that paper, China pointed to a security situation that was “improving steadily” overall   At the same time, the paper explicitly referred to the growing threat from the United States’ increased arms sales to Taiwan.  […]

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

“Why don’t we hear about the war anymore,” asked one of my students on the first day of my class on U.S. foreign policy toward the Middle East.  When I answered with a question – “Which one?” – he looked bemused.  He obviously meant the war in Iraq.  The other war – the one in […]