American Foreign Relations Since 1600

SHAFR published a magisterial, two-volume guide to the literature in the history of American foreign relations in 2003, and updated it with an online version beginning in 2007. Initially compiled by Robert L. Beisner of American University and 32 contributing editors, the online Guide had 40 editors under the supervision of Thomas W. Zeiler, of the University of Colorado Boulder. The Guide contains over 20,000 annotated entries, arranged in 32 chapters.

SHAFR will soon be appointing an editor for a third edition of the guide and is also exploring new publishing options.  We will keep you appraised about the next iteration of this indispensable work for scholars and students interested in any aspect of foreign relations history.

Comments by Editors

Robert L. Beisner, 2002
Thomas W. Zeiler, 2007

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  1. The annotation for 17:1014 (chapter 17, item 104) should read as follows:

    In a highly publicized work, Beard finds the president vitiating democracy and violating his own pledges when he "maneuvered" the nation into the conflict. For a spirited defense of Beard, see Howard K. Beale, "The Professional Historian: His Theory and His Practice," Pacific Historical Review 22 (August 1953): 227-55.