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Job Search Workshop

SHAFR Job Search Workshop

To help better prepare our graduate student membership for the job market, SHAFR will host a hands-on job search workshop on Friday, June 21 from 7-9 am during the 2013 SHAFR conference in Arlington, Virginia.  Students will have the opportunity to receive individualized feedback on their cover letters and cvs, whether for academic jobs or those outside of the academy.  At the workshop, each participant will be paired with recently hired and more senior scholars for one-on-one conversations about their materials.  Graduate students (and newly minted Ph.D.s) must express their interest in participating in the workshop, indicate whether they anticipate applying for jobs in or out of the academy and attach a Word version of a sample cover letter and cv to [email protected] no later than 15 February 2013.  Those wishing to participate should apply early as space will be limited.

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