LP – Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnam War

Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnam War Essential Question:  Is it more accurate to describe Ho Chi Minh as a nationalist or a communist? Common Core Standards: RH1, RH2, WHST1, WHST2 Introduction: From Matthew Masur, “Nationalism, Communism, and the Vietnam War,” in Understanding and Teaching the Vietnam War, ed. John Tully, Brad Austin, and Matthew […]

LP – The United States and Iran: A Troubled History

The United States and Iran: A Troubled Past Common Core Standards: RH2, RH6, WHST1 Connections: This lesson can be used as part of a larger unit related to twentieth century issues and conflicts in the Middle East.  The lesson can also be relevant for a sociological and/or psychological examination of propaganda techniques and their impact.  […]

On Globalization and Diplomatic History

(Or, On the Dangers of Wearing Two Hats at Once) As an adjunct faculty member at CSU San Marcos, I wear many hats in the classroom. The two I wear most often, however, are teaching U.S. foreign relations in the history department and teaching globalization in the global studies program. This semester, as it happens, […]