LP – How “Cold” Was the Cold War?

How “Cold” was the Cold War? Common Core Standards: RH1, RH6, RH8, WHST1, WHST8, WHST9 Introduction In teaching the history of the Cold War at both the university and secondary levels, many teachers shroud the complexities of the Cold War in hyperbole. Students often fail to understand that conflict between the two superpowers would not […]

LP – The Road to WWII, Bubble Gum Cards, and the “Horrors of War”

The Road to WWII, Bubble Gum Cards, and the “Horrors of War” Essential Question: How can everyday items help us understand the past? Common Core Standards: R2, R4, R7, WHST1, WHST8 Introduction: In the early 1930s, despite the harsh economic realities of the Great Depression, a Philadelphia bubble gum entrepreneur Warren Bowman was the first […]

Rising Isolationism, A Renewed Danger?

It is an honor to be kicking off the blog for the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations for the fall of 2011. I thank Andrew Johns, Brian Etheridge, and the officers of SHAFR for the invitation, and I look forward to an excellent year of diverse debates and dynamic discussions. For this column, […]