Legacies and Implications of the Civil War for American Foreign Relations

 The Civil War had long and short-term implications and legacies for American foreign relations. It brought cooperative British-American relations despite wartime tensions. Britain and the United States settled differences soon after the war ended. During the 1871-1914 period, Americans led the world with the British in using international arbitrations to settle disputes. The Union had […]

A View from the Outside: Assessing Obama’s First Year as President

Barack Obama’s run for the presidency was observed by European publics perhaps more than any US election in recent history. Students, for whom the presidency of Bill Clinton was barely a memory and little more than a footnote introducing the Bush era, debated the relative merits of a Clinton or Obama nomination largely in terms […]

Afghanistan and the Chinese Civil War

Any political historian will tell you that government decisionmakers frequently use historical analogies in making up their minds and that, more often than not, they do so badly.   And Kimber Quinney reminded us in her thoughtful November 9 commentary that historians are not immune to employing such analogies either, or in doing so badly. Yet […]