A Useful Corner of the World: Guantánamo

“A Useful Corner of the World: Guantánamo” Paul Kramer, The New Yorker website, posted 31 July 2013 It was 1935, and the Guantánamo naval base had to go. So declared an American commission stocked with foreign-policy experts: the United States was pursuing less antagonistic relations with its southern neighbors, and an American base on Cuban […]

Tipping the War on Terror

SHAFR’s own Dr. Mary L. Dudziak has another piece up on Balkinization blog, regarding the Obama administration’s use of the term “tipping point” in relation to the global U.S. campaign against Al-Qaeda. The piece can be found here. Prof. Dudziak is the Asa Griggs Candler professor of law at the Emory University and a member […]

“Peace Talks”

An essay by one of SHAFR’s own, Mary L. Dudziak, has been featured in the most recent edition of Foreign Policy magazine.  You can read the essay, an exploration of how and why the language of war has almost disappeared from campaign rhetoric, and join in the conversation here. Prof. Dudziak is the Asa Griggs […]