The Korean War at 60

Anniversaries of wars invite reflection, but since wars are often complex in nature and ambiguous in legacy the question of what exactly to reflect on can be difficult to resolve.  When it comes to Korea, for example, we could dwell upon the following facts:  it was a hideously destructive conflict, especially for the Korean people, […]

Approaching the Korean War for New Teachers

It is exciting to think that our roundtable commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Korean War will attract a rich cross-section of educators and students seeking to better understand the conflict. I have a personal teaching connection to the “Land of the Morning Calm.” You see, before I entered graduate school, Korea was my home […]

What Obama Might Learn from the Past: Bending History in the Direction of Justice

It is the nature of the political process that presidents campaign outside history and must then live within it. For Barack Obama, this meant promising a speedy withdrawal from Iraq, a stronger focus on defeating Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, firm but respectful relations with Russia and China, engagement with opponents like Iran, and progress with our […]