LP – Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnam War

Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnam War Essential Question:  Is it more accurate to describe Ho Chi Minh as a nationalist or a communist? Common Core Standards: RH1, RH2, WHST1, WHST2 Introduction: From Matthew Masur, “Nationalism, Communism, and the Vietnam War,” in Understanding and Teaching the Vietnam War, ed. John Tully, Brad Austin, and Matthew […]

LP – The Space Race

The Space Race Essential Question: Was the Space Race About Space? Common Core Standards: RH1, RH6, WHST1 Introduction: Several sites will help teachers refresh memories about the space race: http://www.nebraskastudies.org/0900/stories/0901_0105.html http://history.nasa.gov/sputnik/sputorig.html Objectives: Students will debate the nature of the Space Race in four teams, using evidence to support their position on two questions: Was the […]

LP – The United States and Iran: A Troubled History

The United States and Iran: A Troubled Past Common Core Standards: RH2, RH6, WHST1 Connections: This lesson can be used as part of a larger unit related to twentieth century issues and conflicts in the Middle East.  The lesson can also be relevant for a sociological and/or psychological examination of propaganda techniques and their impact.  […]