LP – The Space Race

The Space Race Essential Question: Was the Space Race About Space? Common Core Standards: RH1, RH6, WHST1 Introduction: Several sites will help teachers refresh memories about the space race: http://www.nebraskastudies.org/0900/stories/0901_0105.html http://history.nasa.gov/sputnik/sputorig.html Objectives: Students will debate the nature of the Space Race in four teams, using evidence to support their position on two questions: Was the […]

LP – The United States and Iran: A Troubled History

The United States and Iran: A Troubled Past Common Core Standards: RH2, RH6, WHST1 Connections: This lesson can be used as part of a larger unit related to twentieth century issues and conflicts in the Middle East.  The lesson can also be relevant for a sociological and/or psychological examination of propaganda techniques and their impact.  […]

LP – How “Cold” Was the Cold War?

How “Cold” was the Cold War? Common Core Standards: RH1, RH6, RH8, WHST1, WHST8, WHST9 Introduction In teaching the history of the Cold War at both the university and secondary levels, many teachers shroud the complexities of the Cold War in hyperbole. Students often fail to understand that conflict between the two superpowers would not […]