LP – The United States and Iran: A Troubled History

The United States and Iran: A Troubled Past Common Core Standards: RH2, RH6, WHST1 Connections: This lesson can be used as part of a larger unit related to twentieth century issues and conflicts in the Middle East.  The lesson can also be relevant for a sociological and/or psychological examination of propaganda techniques and their impact.  […]

Visions of War

On December 15th President Barack Obama welcomed home U.S. troops from a war he once had called “dumb.” His speech avoided the reasons why the Iraq War was fought and focused instead on honoring the American servicemen and women who fought it.  Inspiring words–“extraordinary achievement,” “honor,” “sacrifice,” “finest fighting force,” “unbroken line of heroes,” “progress […]

Pernicious Effects of the All-Volunteer Military

In each class I teach, I ask students to fill out an index card with the usual demographic information, but also to put there anything they think could affect their performance in class.  Usually they write about learning disabilities, commuting, family responsibilities, and athletic teams they are on.  But since 2003, an increasing number write […]