Foreign Policy and the 2012 Presidential Election

In a little over six months, voters in both major American political parties will begin the official process of selecting their respective presidential nominees.  Of course, the race for the White House in 2012 unofficially began on 5 November 2008 (the day after Barack Obama won his first term) and really picked up steam after […]

Pernicious Effects of the All-Volunteer Military

In each class I teach, I ask students to fill out an index card with the usual demographic information, but also to put there anything they think could affect their performance in class.  Usually they write about learning disabilities, commuting, family responsibilities, and athletic teams they are on.  But since 2003, an increasing number write […]

American Strategy in Afghanistan

Ten years into the Afghanistan war and we’re still debating strategy, tactics, and the advisability of continuing the war altogether. Unfortunately, we’re doing so mostly in print and on the airways—which is to say that this debate is not taking place in the streets or in Washington. For most Americans, the war remains obscured from […]