The Korean War at 60

Anniversaries of wars invite reflection, but since wars are often complex in nature and ambiguous in legacy the question of what exactly to reflect on can be difficult to resolve.  When it comes to Korea, for example, we could dwell upon the following facts:  it was a hideously destructive conflict, especially for the Korean people, […]

Afghanistan and the Chinese Civil War

Any political historian will tell you that government decisionmakers frequently use historical analogies in making up their minds and that, more often than not, they do so badly.   And Kimber Quinney reminded us in her thoughtful November 9 commentary that historians are not immune to employing such analogies either, or in doing so badly. Yet […]

What would happen if Kim Jong-il tested a Nuke and the United States Didn’t Notice?

Okay, President Kim, so you’re really ticked off at my failure to comment on your prior shinanigans on the SHAFR blog. You win. I’m finally going to advise the Obama administration on how to respond to your recent, alleged, test of a nuke, and in public on the SHAFR blog. Darth Cheney to the contrary […]