WikiLeaks Still Rippling

‘Tis the season of the summer blockbuster and our profession’s closest approximation thereof offers something for everyone. Sex, violence, intrigue, the ubiquitous cultural icon Lady Gaga – WikiLeaks has it all. But what does it teach us as diplomatic historians? As concerned citizens? So far, WikiLeaks raises more questions than it answers. Last year, news […]

LGBT Equality and The Limits of Human Rights

Last October, a bill was introduced in the Ugandan parliament that would make homosexuality punishable by life imprisonment or even death.  The bill also calls for the extradition of Ugandans who engage in homosexual sex in other countries and for criminal penalties for individuals, media, or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and […]

Love Will Keep Us Together (?) – Immigration Reform and Same-Sex Couples

With Congress poised to revisit the delicate issue of immigration reform, there are 36,000 bi-national lesbian, gay, and bisexual families in the United States whose love and lives hang in the balance. In the absence of policy changes allowing Americans to sponsor their same-sex partners for residency, these families will continue to face the threat […]