Foreign Policy and the 2012 Presidential Election

In a little over six months, voters in both major American political parties will begin the official process of selecting their respective presidential nominees.  Of course, the race for the White House in 2012 unofficially began on 5 November 2008 (the day after Barack Obama won his first term) and really picked up steam after […]

Back to the Shores of Tripoli

One of the most overused clichés in the English language is “history repeats itself.”  Yet the events of the past several months seem to prove the point.  Trouble with pirates in the Mediterranean?  Conflict between the west and Islam?  The aftereffects of nuclear power in Japan?  We’ve seen all of these before.  But most recently, […]

The War of Analogies Over Egypt

In today’s world of immediate gratification and instant explanation, nothing is more common than using history to attempt to explain and contextualize contemporary events.  Political leaders and media commentators are inclined to “simplify and reduce stories to conventional symbols for easy assimilation by audiences,” utilizing metaphors and historical analogies to sell a policy or define […]