American Patriotism Part II: Change

Patriotism is a domestic phenomenon and practice. It is that part of a larger national political culture that supports and legitimizes the exercise of foreign policy. Anatol Lieven’s America Right or Wrong, published early in the Iraq war, shows that an important function of state-sponsored patriotism is to structure the public discourse and shape public […]

Varieties of American Patriotism — Part I

An interactive chart which the New York Times put up soon after the successful operation of the US Navy Seals showed that responses among the American reading public to Osama Bin Laden’s death were literally all over the map. Even comments logged into the “significant” and “positive” quadrant – which were the majority – expressed […]

Limping Leviathan

Recently my own research has been focused on the interwar period and immersion in that period shows what a breakdown of an international order looks like.  I have just dipped into G. John Ikenberry’s Liberal Leviathan, a book that like many others presumes that American hegemony is at the very least experiencing some sort of […]