The War of Analogies Over Egypt

In today’s world of immediate gratification and instant explanation, nothing is more common than using history to attempt to explain and contextualize contemporary events.  Political leaders and media commentators are inclined to “simplify and reduce stories to conventional symbols for easy assimilation by audiences,” utilizing metaphors and historical analogies to sell a policy or define […]

Pernicious Effects of the All-Volunteer Military

In each class I teach, I ask students to fill out an index card with the usual demographic information, but also to put there anything they think could affect their performance in class.  Usually they write about learning disabilities, commuting, family responsibilities, and athletic teams they are on.  But since 2003, an increasing number write […]

Toppling Nuclear Shibboleths

The New START treaty, which Russia ratified in late January, has stirred debate over the role of nuclear weapons in international politics. As Washington pressures both Iran and North Korea to abandon their nuclear ambitions, many U.S. commentators cling to the U.S. nuclear arsenal as a pillar of its international hegemony. They latch onto nuclear […]