Diplomatic History in the Bush Era

Apart from all the other excesses of the Bush Years there may be special problems for diplomatic history and historians. To some degree this is rooted in the changing dynamics of international relations but it also has a policy aspect. When the diplomatic history of the presidency of George W. Bush comes to be written […]

U.S. HIV Travel and Immigration Ban is Going… Going… Almost Gone

In a long overdue move, the U.S. government is about to lift the 1987 ban that precludes people with HIV from traveling in or immigrating to the United States. The story of the HIV travel ban illuminates how disease, domestic politics, and notions of sexuality and morality can inform U.S. foreign policy – and shows […]

On Globalization and Diplomatic History

(Or, On the Dangers of Wearing Two Hats at Once) As an adjunct faculty member at CSU San Marcos, I wear many hats in the classroom. The two I wear most often, however, are teaching U.S. foreign relations in the history department and teaching globalization in the global studies program. This semester, as it happens, […]