What would happen if Kim Jong-il tested a Nuke and the United States Didn’t Notice?

Okay, President Kim, so you’re really ticked off at my failure to comment on your prior shinanigans on the SHAFR blog. You win. I’m finally going to advise the Obama administration on how to respond to your recent, alleged, test of a nuke, and in public on the SHAFR blog. Darth Cheney to the contrary […]

closing guantanamo: managing insecurity

I am not a card-carrying member of the ACLU. I do not believe that the rights outlined in the Bill of Rights are absolute. I’ve even been known to tell telephone solicitors for the NRA who invoke the second amendment, that their ilk are members of one of  the top ten evil organizations in the country (in language not […]

Georgia (and Oil) On My Mind

In early August 2008, Russian officials ordered air strikes against Georgia, a republic directly south of it and bordered by Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, and sent tanks and troops into South Ossetia, a region in northern Georgia that had claimed its independence from the central government in Tbilisi.  The Russians explained that peacekeeping units they […]