Ring the Bell

Last Wednesday, The New York Post published a political cartoon pertaining to the President’s Economic Stimulus Plan.  To say that the cartoon was racist is an understatement which fails to capture its horrific totality.  The New York Post rang the bell (again) to herald White nationalism and imperialism.  As many Americans debate the nature of […]

Goodbye to the Bogeymen: Let’s Get Real about the Global Environment

Say what you will about George W. Bush, but he served a useful purpose: he has been a convenient bogeyman for eight years.  This is especially so for environmental issues.  With Bush’s election, Al Gore’s environmental dreams were shattered.  But now, two terms later, things have changed. He’s out.  Now what? First, divert your eyes […]

Rethinking Paul Kennedy

Historians are not known for their prescience. There’s something about studying the past, with all its complexity, that discourages many of us from looking forward with any sense of confidence. Those of us who can’t resist the temptation as often as not–perhaps moreso–get things wrong. I remember that in the fall of 1980 I decided for […]